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Three By Wannberg
Mean Mean Nancy Pelosi Blues
Moral Values Man
Inauguration Day
Moral Value Year-end Rag Sale
Exit Music for a Deaf Would-Be Conqueror
The End of Standing Guard in America
What I Give Thanks To and For
Altitude's Search for Beatitude
Mad Hatter
A Wannberg Tryptych
The Good Men
Dance as if you mean it/There was
Claim No Albatross Before Its Time
Pull the Plug/Last Call Rag
Downing Street Boogaloo
Some Kind of Wunderkind
No Flinching Zone
New Year's Ramble

Dancing Strange Cans of Soup Can Be Yours For Free if You Call Now
Another Poem for Bob
Where'd the Stairs Disappear To?
Nobody Forgets Anyone Else Tonight
No Time To Be Scared Because Everything Is Just Weird Riff
If Individuals Were the Government
Any Old Sky Will Do
Not An American Rag
Whatever the Truth Might Be, for That One Minute
The Hurting
Any So-Called Day Now
Whimpering Winds
Hula Hoop Done Got Bloody
Rooms To Let
Same Old Same Old
Dark Lunchboxes Full of Rage
Last Call
Soldiers, Wounded Tunes, Elusive Moons
Slick Hootenanny
A Very Ornery Level
Frankenstein's Monster Needs Some Love
Poems for Jerry Garcia and Jerry Goldsmith
Some Kind of Lunch
Retribution Lunchbox Hootenanny
Emily Dickinson in Iraq
Broken House of Sustenance, The True James Gang
Apocalypse Hootenany Fan Dancers
Send Out For A Crying Room That Can Hold the Water
Target of Opportunity
Somewhere The Neon Sings Your Name

For the People, By the People, Of the People
Nobody Has the Winning Ticket
Scott's Grateful Dead poemsWhere the Light Goes
Face of the New Year, 2003
Poster Children in Need of Facelifts, Take One
Haphazard Boulevard
The Old Stories
Some Mighty Fine Times
Ongoing Poker Game
Subsequent Blood Loss

Hard Walk on Easy Living Street
Two Years Later
No Regrets
Dancing Coroners

Duck Chicanery
Bad Horror Films of Love
Bookburners of America Literacy Test Hoedown
A Wannberg Triptych
A Wannberg Duet
Say No Goodbyes
A Cantina in My Back Pocket For You
Half Century Hoedown
Humdinger Got a License Plate
The Matinee Fell Asleep/ Done in River
Slim Escape Hatches
Joe Shinn's Birthday
Who We Were That Day
Soon, the Rest Stop
Broken Ears
The Possibility of Life
Hapless Sandwich/How Long?
Killer Bats of Love/In Some Incorrigable Movie
Strother Martin's Private Screening Room
Two Years Later
Poems for Warren Zevon

Listen to the Rain
Smoking Joe Logan/Guitar Ship
Large Continents Lose Weight Love Call/ The Girl With Red Hair
For S.A. at 51
I Love You Franz Kafka
Bridge to Nowhere


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