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The Long Playing Short End of Things
Evidence kits full of love
roll along the gutter at the end
of another attempted day,
with the orchestra proudly backboning
the way the light falls
highlighting the long playing short end
of things; smooth talking official
documents unravel along the spine
of a close mouthed rendering of
sky; settle all arguments in one
uncensored tongue, and allow the
dreaming to continue. Vulnerable
men and women stand next to each other
on the firing line and nobody can
predict the outcome. Evidence kits
full of I told you so blow in on
the late afternoon wind, and the
dancing academy has just shut its
doors for an indeterminate time.
Man will fall short of his goal
but that's how the beauty of it
roars. The new maps we steer by
are perplexing, and full of buckshot.
Raise your hand if you feel the cold,
and keep your hands inside the ride
at all times, unless you truly can
walk the water that seeps through
the holes in the fabric of it all.
       --Scott Wannberg
(Dixie sitting on the window ledge)


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.