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The Decider
for breakfast The Decider ate a bowl of oatmeal
he decided Iran must die
so he called his old pal Rumsfeld.

"Yes, master," said Rumsfeld, "I like spiders.
I like big, fat, hairy spiders!"

"I am. . .Count Decider," said The Decider,
"I do not drink wine."

"Yes, master!" Rumsfeld said.

outside the castle, wild animals began to sing.

The Decider stuck a probe into the wall map of Iran,
and began to sing, "Hallelujah!"

"God talks to me," The Decider said,
"and I decide!"

"Yes, master!" Rumsfeld slobbered.
"Can I have a big, fat, hairy spider?"

The Decider reached into his pocket and pulled out a
fat, hairy spider. "Here you are, Rumsfeld."

Rumsfeld stuck out his tongue and The Decider
put the fat, hairy spider on Rumsfeld's tongue.

"Enjoy!" said The Decider.

"Yes, master!" said Rumsfeld.
        ---Scott Wannberg


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