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(Nov. 3, 2004)
       Uh. . .excuse me, but what is this place? Don't tell me it's the United States of America. Don't give me that crap. The United States of America would never have re-elected such blood-stained, sordid Grendels as Bush and Cheney. It would never have voted out of fear of terrorism, and concern over um, (cough) "moral issues."
        The United States of America would have rejected---would have punted, sent packing, and otherwise booted---the lying, cheating montebanks who have murdered at least 100,000 innocent Iraqis out of brazen quest for oil and empire.


      The United States of America would have spurned a cunning, heartless regime that has conspired to destroy the environment on behalf of corporate profiteering; that is eliminating Social Security and making health care a total racket for drug companies; that manufacted reasons for invading a country that posed no threat; that is utterly, absolutely despised the world over, that. . .
        Um, never mind.
        The United States of America would have scratched its mussed old well-intentioned head and thought, well, enough of these jackals. I'm voting for optimism. I'm voting for possibility. I'm voting for hope. I'm voting for things to get better. I'm voting against sending more kids to the big shooting gallery that is Iraq.
        What is this place that votes out of fear of terrorism?
        What is this place overrun with sanctimonious Jesus Freaks who say they are voting for "moral issues?"
        Moral issues! What is more immoral than believing that your morality is the right one? What is more immoral than attempting to impose your morality on others? What do you call the invasion of a country for oil and empire---and the killing of 100,000 innocents? Benevolence?
        The terrorists are out there, all right. They are hiding in Pakistan, blowing up children in Iraq, cackling in caves in China. . .
        And they have just been reelected.
        What else can you call an illegally appointed government that lied to its people about 9/11 in order to implement pre-planned conspiracy to economically and militarily dominate the world? What else can you call a government that did happy business with Saddam for years, sold him the gas with which he wasted the Kurds, ignored his "torture and rape rooms" (as Bush loves to say), then took his country when he didn't behave?
        This sounds more like the hijinks of China or the old USSR.
       The devilry that Bush and Cheney realized in the first term was tiddly-winks compared with what's coming. Four more years? Four more tears. Think they've made a mess o' potamia now? With a Repugnican Congress---well, let's just say that if you are Bill Frist, you probably just sacrificed a cat for joy, and Ashcroft is having himself a nice full-body self- annointment in Crisco. Here here comes "PATRIOT" Act II, the end of your Constitutional rights, the end of Roe V. Wade, seizure of the Internet, massive military action in Iraq, the draft, and expanded war in Syria and Iran. Here comes accelerated eco-disaster, increased disease, increased poverty, and increased wealth for the (mostly white) wealthy.
        The massive voter turnout yesterday turns out to have been voting by terrified masses.
        Protect us from the nasty bearded man, Big Daddy Bush! We want to keep eating cheeseburgers and driving our Escalades, Big Daddy Cheney! We don't wanna have to worry about nothin' excep' when is Jesus coming! Kill them animals in Iraq! Kill them sand-niggers and towelheads! Kill the heathens for Jesus, and even fer them Jews in Israel, 'cause the Bible says we need 'em to fulfill prophecy---at least fer now! Jesus'll burn 'em up later. . .
        Yes, the terrorists are in D.C., and they also were in the voting booths yesterday.
         There is a Crusade mentality here; a xenophobic chauvinistic racist blood-lust. I should have recognized it in the chillingly loud roar of the white Bush crowds; a sound that echoed the demented nationalism of Nazi Germany.
        The happiest person on earth---the real victor in this election---is Osama Bin-Laden. He gets to keep his easily baited adversary; he gets to keep his dream of a holy war with America; he gets to continue goading the United States into blunderbuss foreign military adventures and bankruptcy; he's already succeeded beyond his imagination in plunging the United States into paranoid, self-pitying, flag-waving madness.
       A friend wrote to me this morning, "224 years---it was a good ride while it lasted. R.I.P. U.S.A. The country doesn't belong to us anymore."
        No, it does not. It belongs to corporate robberbarons, chickenhawk warmongers, religious fanatics, and spoiled, frightened, whiney, gimme-gimme adult children. It belongs to the Christian Right, the "don't bother me---I'm eating" beasts, the ignorant, the dirt-stupid, the unthinking, the dead-spirited. It belongs to trained consumers, "reality" TV, monster truuuuuuucks, awesome dudes and babes on cell phones. Six-pack America. . .football America. . .steroid monster athlete America. . .drugged America. . .Crusade America. . .killer America. . .
        Country over?
        Yes, you can get into the already stinking entrails of the election, and how no recounts were possible with voting machines made by Diebold (whose CEO said he would do anything possible to keep Bush in office.) You can examine how Zogby predicted a massive pro-Kerry youth vote, and wonder where the unpolled cell-phone bloc went. You can ask how it is that the pro-Kerry exit poll figures do not jibe with the election results. You can marvel at the L.A. Times poll showing 79 percent of Bush voters think we're better off. You can chastise Kerry for being "gracious" and not challenging Ohio's vote. Billions of words are being written and spoken about these things right now.
        No matter.
        Any one for secession?
        California, Oregon, and Washington would make a nice nation. First order of business: taxing the hell out of the churches.
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