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The Straightjackets Don't Hold

fold up your utopia, get it safely out of the rain
the mountains are turning in their i.o.u.s
everyone claims they are going to live forever
but i saw the floor plans of forever and
only a very select few could ever hope to climb through the window

tall men break down and cry
taller ships flip over and say scratch our wooden bellies
man came to me just a few seconds ago
he said he survived everything
but nothing had shown yet
somewhere between everything and nothing
the ferris-wheel just keeps on turning
nobody can say how many are stuck on the top
they say they got good eats down the line
tall men still break down and cry
fold up your concrete bunker, time to take it to the man
the mountains are moaning they never get paid
strait jackets don't hold
the music needs to be turned up

the floor plans of forever tried to climb through my window
everyone survives what they got to
come on down and show me the small print
tall men are just small men on stilts
tall men and small men keep on turning

strait jackets just can't get a hand to hold
music music turn me up

---Scott Wannberg


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.