The Rip Post                                                                                              

Someday I'll. . .
Go to the magic well and draw a bucket of healing water.
Did they tell you about the healing water when your plane landed?
Did the armed guards search you in the name of public safety?
Can you identify this fleeting thing called public?
Have I asked you too many questions.
The rug is being pulled out from under my feet.
The dog certainly does not bark when everyone comes around.
Some day I’ll learn to fly. Icarus would have taught me but he got lost.
Some day I’ll remember not to lie.
Changes supposedly are being made.
Homicidal people suddenly smile and lose all interest in killing.
That’s what they say, anyhow, out there on the troop ship,
getting ready to head out and save the World from itself.
Did you ever see how they save the World from itself?
They kill a lot of people.
Guess the folks that get killed in order to save the World from itself
Live in some other World that doesn’t need saving.
The dog certainly snarls when I come around.
It’s my dog, isn’t it?
The rug just flew away from under my feet.
It becomes a magic carpet.
Did you ever take a magic carpet ride?
Would you like to take one now?
God’s new talk show got good overnights.
Someday I’d like to get good over night.
Someday I’d like to get good.
I’m your dog, aren’t I?
Changes supposedly going to be made.
Someday we’ll make the top of the mountain.
Someday we’ll find that cure.
Would you like to take that magic carpet ride now?
Did you ever see how the World saves itself?
Killing lots of people.
We’re the world’s dogs, aren’t we?
Would you like to take me now?
The dog plops down in the soft bed of the World saves itself.
The dog and the World that saves itself have puppies.
They all pick up mighty strong weapons and smile
They all begin to sing
Someday We’ll….
---Scott Wannberg

Raise Your Everlovin'...

Got my stumbling legs today in the mail,
brand new and roaring to go.
Going to stumble down the middle of the page.
Going to stumble to the new carnival barker's lexicon.
Raise Your Everlovin' arms
Raise them to the SubCommittee of Love
They are gathering all professional like
in a dark auditorium
They have x rays that glow in the dark
Authority figures will heave and slurp
their authority all over the tv screen of I Am a Witness.
Gonna stumble over to your all night party.
Gonna stumble over and speak the language.
Raise your everlovin' DNA
Raise your proof of residency
Hold them off at the so called pass.
Pass me something vital to inhale.
Got my stumbling heart in the cellophane bag.
It beats with pride.
They slither in and call us all sorts of things.
Call any black hole a potential new way of becoming a planet.
We were here for the first blood.
We were here for the bed check.
Got my empty hands ready to hold on.
Got my empty heart ready to take you on.
Raise your Everlovin' and Raise it in such a way you'll
never need raise anything again.
Tonight lovers may disintegrate
but their love will kill you and when you come back again
in a different skin
raise your everlovin' fear and teach it to laugh.

---Scott Wannberg


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.