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Radioactivity in the Lunch Boxes of the Poor
tiptoe through the scar tissue tonight, love
there lives unease
rowing its leaking canoe
over a remarkable rapid
in the age of water
in a time of little faith
why did god
put so much radioactivity
in the lunchboxes of the poor
let the cat out
or maybe keep it in
the password sometimes can't tell
derelicts carry out their duties
witnesses are sworn in
my back is killing me
the ambulances know where i live
mardi gras just lost my phone number
don't worry too much
i don't play a lick of tennis
but i can widen the net
the boat gets rocking
the short end of the stick
the messiah is afraid of gnats
in tolerance you must
i got my end
bring on the mob
bring on the soft shoe
inventions need reinventing
in the garrulous
of our

april 23 2009
norman and nancy blake
natasha's waltz


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