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sarah rap
Sarah Palin she ain’t failin
She struts and ruts and is certainly nuts but
she’s a firecracker reformer and global warmer
Republicans love her so don't lay a glove on her
She shoots to kill and loves the thrill
of cutting up moose (it’s an art, like Toulouse)
Carving their carcass, slicing their gonads
Swears and spits, just like your old dads
turning their guts into burbling stew
She says the gov job is “so cool”
Smilin' sweet like some favorite auntie
With Old Glory flap, and followers chanting
USA! And Drill, Baby, Drill
Which sounds a lot like Kill, Kill, Kill
Well, oil’s well in American life
And John McWayne’s new trophy wife
The country will now bet its ass
On Big Bad John, 'cause he's got class
he beat the savage killer gooks
And ain’t afraid to use them nukes
And neither will be President Palin
When McCain checks out and the country’s wailin’
She’ll solemnly swear to serve and protect
But it won’t matter, ‘cause the world is wrecked
From melted ice and cars and truckin’
(The real problem is too much fuckin’)
And if you’re raped, well, have no fear
Sister Sarah is very near
And she’ll make it law that you must push
That devil baby out your tush
How is it, really, that aggressive bitches
Get ahead with just a few twitches
Of tight little assets and bounce of knockers
To hypnotize the alte kackers
She’s our Amerrygun fairy tail
With god on her side, the world will pale
So get out and vote your stupidity, greed
Cuntry First is your new creed
           ---Charles Bogle


© 2009 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.