The Rip Post                                                                                              


Enact new legislation forbidding people from leaving other people.
Epoxy those folks together.
Thousands of hours back down the highway
He told her he loved her a whole lot.
She told him she'd be there always.
But there is no concrete thing called always.
It sounds good and even feels better at times.
I saw always last night. It looked ragged.It needed a painkiller.
I would have gone to my pharmacy to get always a painkiller
but it was locked up for the night.
Don't miss your baby too much.
Thousands of arguments back down the avenue.
He told him he'd fight his fights forever.
She promised her she'd have room in her heart for her anytime
such room was needed.
I see them all kind of lost and exploring or running away
and I'd have them all come up for a shot and a toke
but the doctor warned me against letting too many people
into my life at one time.
They keep taking biopsies out of my heart to see if I can
learn how to do that, keep those people from coming up.
They built stairs and the stairs go up to my door and
I figured once if they didn't want too many people coming
up to me at once, they'd take those stairs somewhere else,
but they still are there. Every morning I go down and
enter the vulnerable fray. Every evening I slowly go back
up. Some days my muscles need painkillers.
Even pain killers get lonely.

                  ---Scott Wannberg


2004 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.