The Rip Post                                                                                              

oblivion highway orchestra rehearsal
we got disappeared.
we got strange.
there are weird doors with weirder locks.
go ahead, let them see you create the key in your eyes.
the earth is on a collision course with something
obstreperous.we got
excited about the way things could live.
how life could teach us something inside our deep bones.
we got lucky once, and the music
had a place for us to land, the music
would comb our hair and brush our teeth,we
could be presentable in the dancing afternoon of
hope, but now the dragon is fire breathing and
the temperature is rising too high for comfort.
the oblivion highway orchestra rehearsal
is taking off its clothes and doing the dance of
the forgiven.go on, down a few more cold ones,and
become one with forgiveness.
we got done in by not knowing.
we got odd in our eclectic ways.
you and me on a cold night
learning each other's cues.
you and me on any night
dreaming the lucid water home.
---Scott Wannberg
(still listening to the new John Prine CD.)


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.