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let's dance

What does dancing have to do with anything?
What does anything have to do with dancing?
Prisoners of skeletons, unite!
When all is said and done, there will be nothing more to say and do
So do the exclamation point while the sun shines
Come on baby, letís do the twist
Mashed potato yeah yeah yeah yeah
Itís the latest
Itís the greatest
But dancing is confused with groin and loin
By the banal and anal
When it can just as easily be done on paper
Or in silent thought
Or turn of brush, trill of flute, stroke of lute, expression mute
The trick of the steps is in forgetting the stepping
The trick of the thought is in forgetting the thinking
The trick of the being is in forgetting the being
The thought of the being is forgetting the tricking
Dancing is moot
Atomic astute
Come on baby, letís do the quark
Mashed electron yeah yeah yeah yeah
Itís the latest
Itís the fatest
Synapse boneís connected to the sun bone
Time boneís connected to the heart bone
Night boneís connected to the moon bone
Poem boneís connected to the math bone
Now hear the word of the Chord
Shake rattle and roll
From Betelgeuse to bell toll
Toe tap tree sap sky map noon nap
Blood pump eye blink live die sigh think
The best stuff of life is the best life of stuff
Itís all important and itís all fluff
Trip on toes and bump your knees
And fall down waltzing if you please
Be a foolís the golden rule
While hosted by the molecule
---Charles Bogle


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