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Last Call 2
Did you remember the address of the world? Can you name all the people that attempt to live there?

I'm standing in a long line that intends to go somewhere,
although nobody seems to have brought their dictionary to define a direction.

The hotels swear they will keep a room in our name. Doesn't
matter the weather, or the cast of characters that are out of work.

Dreamers live here. I've seen their faces hanging from the walls of lonesome travelers. A blues band is cranking it up and the dancefloor just moved into our feet.

Last Call, the wounded dog said to the powers that be.

Vulnerable afternoons of the same old endearing skin. Soiree your heart forward, forthcoming. The highway uses you as a character reference.

Last Call, the boys sing. And their lungs are houses on the soft shoulder of the road.
---Scott Wannberg


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