The Rip Post                      The Rip Post Interview: Dr. Jiling Hu

A few needles, some herbs, and voila! New human. . .

Fertility troubles, Dr. Hu says, may be effectively addressed with acupuncture and herbs. Show above is the result: Marcelina Lopez and daughter Alejandra. Marcelina was treated for irregular periods by Dr. Hu over a six-month period, then was able to conceive.


Jose Lopez is a 33-year-old Los Angeles carpenter. He and his wife, Marcelina, were unable to conceive a child, despite numerous visits to a fertility specialist. On the advice of a friend, they turned to Dr. Jiling Hu. Lopez tells the story: JOSE LOPEZ:

"We were married for three years, and my wife wanted to have a baby, but she couldnít get pregnant. So we tried all different kinds of medicine. We went to a gynecologist. Then after I took my tests and everything, they first said my wife had a problem. Then they said I had the problem. I didnít believe it, because I used to be married to another lady, and she got pregnant and we had a child. I was very sure that I never had a problem.

"One of my wifeís sisters suggested we see Dr. Hu. We said, okay, letís give it a try, letís give it a shot. Maybe she can help us. My wife followed all the rules, all the steps that Dr. Hu said. The herbs, the acupuncture. And she got a little disappointed, because after about six months she still did not get an answer.

"At a certain point, she was a little upset, and she said she was feeling kind of queasy, and I told her, you are pregnant! So we did the test, and when she came back from the clinic, she was so happy. She was pregnant. And we both started jumping up and down, crying. We couldnít believe it. Dr. Hu helped us. The herbs, acupuncture, everything she did exactly as she was told. The problem was my wife is irregular in her period, and that was one of the main points. We had the treatment with Dr. Hu for six or eight months."

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