The Rip Post                                                                                              

Debutantes with broke down teeth
Debutantes with broke down teeth
have migrated for hours to smile at you
and sing resonant songs about
nobody ever needing to die, as
the cold weather climbs into your bones
and builds a city there;
Humanity at times is not hapless
and even shows up on time to
encourage you in how you cycle your
energy.Today I stood in a field of
tall grass and animals nodded their
heads in my direction, as if I could
be someone. Debutantes with wounded
hearts and sweaty palms hold their
high school reunion and the food
there I hear is edible and long lasting.
Find me at Shoulder the Wheel University,
where one learns sustenance.Downstairs
the official language crafters wait,
hat in hand.Time for a libation.Time
for a hootenanny.I can't yodel but I can
sure take up space.Debutantes with pride
in their eyes wind up lost and will do
anything to get found.Finders keepers,
losers weep.Humanity at times is not
incorrigible,just plain ornery.Come on
sweet one, rock my burning cradle to the
insufficient tune of who we are in the
summing up of things.Nobody Has To Die
the maitre'd sings, and the main course
is rapidly on its way.Better have an
appetite.Better have a ways and means.
The cat is on my lap and probably
knows way too much.The cat just leapt
to the ground and my lap is a country
with no limitations.Come on baby,
let me feel the rhythm of your heart,
as the pain machine whirls North to
South.There are lovers in the haunted
house and you can empathize with them
for years.
           ---Scott Wannberg


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.