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(Dec. 8, 2006)

          Do something.
          No more blogging.
          No more shrugging, sighing.
          Write a letter. Send an e-mail. Stand on a corner with sign. Paint your face. Join any/every protest against the persons who have stolen the United States government.
          Throw the maniacs out. And I mean “maniacs.”
          I said when I first heard that the twisted and stunted beast that is George W. Bush was running for president that we would be lucky to survive his term in office.
          My prediction is being borne out in spades.
          Seventy-one percent of the country opposes this creature's Iraq "policy." That means a lot of conservatives, and arch-conservatives, as well as liberals, arch-liberals, and namby-pamby people who usually do not take strong positions.
          The country is united.
          The government is ignoring the country.
          A hammer blow to the head could not have sent a clearer message to the true-believing nutcase in D.C. than the last elections did, with Democrats taking over Congress. Did he listen? Does he care? Yes. Every bit as much as Dick Cheney cares about ducks.
          I had been “comforted,” to use the term advisedly, by my feeling that Bush was not really the president, and therefore would make no decisions on his own. I figured "the president" was the cadre of creeps who put him in office as a front man: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, and the neocon bloc. I figured there was therefore a greater possibility of keeping such a deranged cretin in check.
          My greatest fear was if this man of alcohol-shriveled brain and puny spirit---and religious insanity---ever began to make decisions on his own.
          That fear is now manifested.
          Bush has rejected the Iraq Panel’s report and recommendations. He is going against the old guard conservative Carlyle Group-driven machinery that has largely controlled (read: screwed up) U.S. international relations for decades. An old guard which happens to have his very father as its Capo Emeritus, if not aging titular head. Holy Shakespeare, Batman!
          The Iraq Panel stopped just short of saying that Bush and Cheney should be put in prison. Okay, that’s hyperbole, but the Baker-Aspin group did say that the Bush administration deliberately lied about how loused up the Iraq situation is---and if that alone isn’t an impeachable offense, then we are sunk as deep as the Titanic.
          The panel said that this is a diaster (which anyone with slight foresight knew before the invasion), and we need to get out---at least militarily. It also---and this is absolutely stunning---blamed Bush and his cronies for the hideous divisions in the country; for engaging in rhetoric and divisive tactics in order to manipulate public opinion. Read: play on public fear to further their goals.
          Imagine this: a bipartisan panel of heavyweights in U.S. government and international relations sounding like, well, a bunch of flaming liberals. Led by the man who arranged for busloads of pro-Bush protestors to go to Florida in 2000, who wheeled-and-dealed (Gore’s fairly won) Florida right into Bush’s hands: former Bush 1 secretary of state James Baker.
          Yes, the panel is a Big Dumb Guy incapable of efficiency. Yes, the panel’s solutions are a whitewash scam intended to allow U.S. corporate and political interests (and most of the troops) to remain permanently imbedded in the Middle East, but the extent to which the panel implicitly slapped down Bush is astonishing.
          This is not a little policy debate. This is more like a Kremlin-style power struggle.
          First the neocons bailed on Bush because he wasn’t bloodthirsty enough. Then the country turned its back on him. Now his father’s bloc of conservative international gangsters are abandoning him.
          This guy is all alone.
          It is George W. Bush against the world.
          Against you and me.
          Just the way alkies with persecution complexes like it.
          The only people left who support this smug dunderhead are prisoners of ignorance, stupidity, greed, or hatred. No exceptions. If that sounds like rhetoric, I mean every carefully considered word. There is absolutely zero logical, practical, let alone moral or ethical reason to “stay the course” in Iraq (or any other Bush policy.)
          Stay the course? What course? Throw more U.S. soldiers away? Throw countless more billions of dollars away, when the country is hundreds of billions in debt already? Kill another couple hundred thousand innocents? For what? Why? Tell me.
          Yet Bush and his toadies still speak of “winning the war.” What war? Iraq is simply factionalized chaos---a roiling bloodbath of tribal thugs and religious zealots. The “government” cowers in the "Green Zone"---what is effectively an armed fortress. Saddam’s reign of terror was the only force that ever gave that place a semblance of nationhood, as is now indisputable.
          Win? How do you “win?” What in hell are they talking about? Let the Iraq army stand up? What Iraq army? Anybody seen it? Imbed U.S. troops to train the Iraq army. Shades of Vietnamization! That worked real well, remember? How much training does it take?
          Look, we invaded, the country disintegrated into mayhem, end of story. Mission accomplished! Of course, the stated mission was to remove Saddam and set up a new government, right? Well, that is now certainly revealed as a lie, too. We “accomplished that mission”---and then stayed. This has always been about permanent occupation, according to neocon philosophy.
          But with the neocons having jumped ship, one is left to wonder if all that truly animates the barely animated Bush is what the surface suggests: his childish piffle about how “we” can impose democracy on this barely civilized culture (they were roaming tribes of murderous brigands 100 years ago!), the bellicose, clumsy "War on Terror," and his born-again Bible-prophecy-believing eyeball-rolling insanity.
          Why does anyone care whether Iraq is a democracy? Strategic reasons? Hell, under Saddam, Iraq was the most secular and westernized of Arab nations! Our pal in the proxy war with Iran. Saddam didn’t play ball with us? Well, let’s not forget how he destroyed his last claim to weaponry before the invasion, at our demand: dozens of Scud missiles. Recent reports say he was ready to negotiate with Uncle Sam. Sanctions and threats worked!
          War on Terror? Oh, sure. That is every bit as effective as the War on Drugs, which has put a lot of nice kids in jail for having a few hits of acid in their pockets---while decaying urban centers fester with crack, cocaine, heroin. (For that matter, there is a cornucopia of drugs to be had on the campus of any major university.)
          You don’t win a “War on Terror” by by terrorizing poverty-stricken. U.S.-hating religious zealot teenagers. They only rise up, as Iraq makes oh-so-slightly apparent. And this brings up Bush’s other shallow belief that is probably now the center of United States foreign policy decision-making:
          The Bible. We actually have a president consumed with crackpot Biblical prophecy and his imagined role in bringing about “The Rapture"---which, not incidentally, means egging on Israel in any and all hegemony. Israel, of course, being a primary factor in the Iraq invasion. And a secondary and tertiary one, as well.
          Look. Please get Netflix to send “The Dead Zone” right away. See if Martin Sheen’s chilling portrayal of a born-again megalomaniac president does not bring our little uniter-not-a-divider to mind. That’s where we all might wind up soon enough, with Bush: the Dead Zone. This guy is still intent on bombing Iran before he gets out of office.
          Imagine the good that will do for international stability!
          This country is in the hands of a smirking, smug “dry-drunk” born-again dullard who will not listen to the American people, his father---who probably is no longer even listening to Dick “Svengali” Cheney. This is not a squabble between between political factions, this is a crisis that cuts to the bones of what's left of this democratic republic. Why the media do not treat this with due alarm is yet another wonder of our age.
          Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. It is the only thing left to do.
          If the cowardly, niggardly Democrats say they will not investigate Bush, make them do it. Rise up. Avalanche D.C. with letters. March. Get back on the streets and rally. Yes, the largest protests in world history(!) did not stop the invasion of Iraq, but with the Democrats in charge of Congress, there is a chance that such pressure could turn things around. People vote their jobs.
          Remember---you are united now: conservatives, centrists, liberals, independents.
          Only two years left? They could be the most critical years in the history of the country, if not the human race.

Here are some of the many, many impeachment petitions on-line. Sign one, sign them all, send them around.

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