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bongo cathedral

mujahadeen dropping in big time to the new party sound of Iraq
gonna be Afghanistan and the Soviets all over again
some big ol' Western power plopping around
where'd the orderly game plan go?
Al Quaida(not Al Kaline)steps up on the mound
in the batter's box, Rums Felt
the legendary switch hitter

we go downtown to bongo cathedral
where they make fine popcorn
you get shiny silverware in a tote bag
and whatever they tell you over the air
is just what goes

Al hurls one over the strike zone and Rums Felt
punches air

Condo Sleazey Rice blames Bill Clinton for the failure to take terror
to the terrorists
Sidney Blumenthal and Ian Masters talk about how the Clinton
outgoing team gave plenty of warning about Al's pitching to
the incoming team but they were too hung up on Star Wars and
Space Technology to pay any attention to Al's pitching stats

Condo Sleazey should be taken to account says Sidney

we still go downtown to bongo cathedral
where they burn the eggs
and whatever they tell you over their air
is just something to wonder about

Rums Felt hugs Iraqi kids
sings love love love love
all you need is love

rock n roll is here
to stay

---Scott Wannberg


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.