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(June 28, 2006)

          Who let the dogs out? Bush! Bush! Bush! Bush!
          Bush has sic’ed his curs on the free press yet again, and they are chewing the Armani cuffs of the New York Times. One e-mail snarl sent to the NYT calls for beheading publisher Arthur Shulzberger. Another was more, um, articulate:
          "The Slimes [sic] and its puppets in the MSM ARE THE ENEMY. They simply hate America as it is. They want a socialist-homosexual utopia. Thus, they are simply aiding and abetting their faithful followers abroad and here. They are giving intel to their friends of gee-had. They are the enemy. Problem is, many Americans simply do not know or care."
          (Surprised he didn’t just come out and bay, er say, “Jew conspiracy.”)
          Well done, Mr. Prez. Dawg, you are the Rottweiler in the pack, the mastiff, the Presa Canaria. Presa Bush! A breed apart. Woof woof! Throw this man a nice bone. Maybe an Iraqi baby’s leg bone.
          Bush pointed his finger and bared his teeth the other day---really---as he told reporters that the bad dog New York Times had exposed his secret monitoring of international bank transactions done through the Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Tele- communication (SWIFT), in Belgium. (Not to mention his secret spying on domestic bank transactions.)

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           “The fact that a newspaper disclosed it makes it harder to win this war on terror,” growled Presa Bush.
          Translation: The New York Times has committed treason. Further translation: a free press is a treasonous concept. And Vice Canario Dick “Bulldog” Cheney also sunk his fangs into NYT fetlocks:
          "The New York Times has now twice---two separate occasions---disclosed programs; both times they had been asked not to publish those stories by senior administration officials," Cheney said. "They went ahead anyway. The leaks to The New York Times and the publishing of those leaks is very damaging."
          The first “separate occasion” that Cheney referred to, by the way, was the NYT disclosure that the CIA is kidnapping terror suspects and shipping them to private “detention facilities” in various countries, some of which perform torture, and some of which, like the U.S., pretend they don’t. “Rendition.”
          See, the American sheeple have no right to know these things. No right to know what the government is doing. No right to know if Constitutionally guaranteed rights are being kidnapped and tortured---er, renditioned. Just trust your leaders, as our great sage and social conscience, Britney Spears, tells us.
          Thus are loosed the hellhounds who have rendered discourse in this country a juvenile, vicious dogfight; an embarrassment, shame, disgrace. Disgrace, by the way, was Presa Bush’s term for the NYT, but better that it be used for a hyper-paranoid fascist administration that works entirely in secrecy, then rages at its own free press for doing a little duty.

Presa Canario

Presa Bush

          Consider the howling of another member of Bush’s pack, Rep. Peter King (Repugnican, N.Y.)., the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. He urged the “Justice” Department to “begin an investigation and prosecution of the New York Times — the reporters, the editors and the publisher.”
          Hell yes, and behead them publically, eh, Pete? Owoooooooo! And while you’re at it, lift your leg on statues of Hancock, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Washington, Paine, and that lady in the harbor. You madman. Er, mad dog.
          This country is simply frothing at the mouth. It has gone berserk. It is barking and snarling at every kid on a tricycle, the baby buggy on the sidewalk, the mailman. (Remember when Homeland Security actually advised keeping an eye on the mailman?) Bush is the guy throwing tennis balls at pit-bulls in a hole in the ground, getting them riled up for a kill.
          Well, listen up, dawgs. There is no “war on terror.” Somebody smart said a “war on terror” is like a “war on dandruff.” There were horrific acts of terrorism before 9/11, and there will be horrific acts of terrorism after 9/11. Investigation will nip some plots in the bud, but it won’t catch all of them.
          Yet our nation is behaving as if it is the only such assault victim in history---carrying on in the most cowardly, reactionary, bellicose fashion imaginable. 9/11 took out about 3,000 people---who were not all Americans, as is always trumpeted, but came from all over the world. As we now know to be bedrock fact, the administration used 9/11 to falsely manipulate public opinion into supporting the invasion of Iraq, in the process killing: a) 50,000 innocents, if you believe Bush, b)100,000 if you believe Johns Hopkins University, c) 250,000 if you believe other sources.
          Who’s a terrorist? You are, folks. We all are now, in the eyes of most of the world. Of course, the mongrels who wrote to the New York Times believe dead Iraqis to have as much worth as, well, dogs. Which is also certainly a privately held attitude in much of Congress and Bushland.
          Guess what, woofers: had we comported ourselves with any amount of dignity, composure, strength, after 9/11, nations would be far more favorably disposed toward cooperating with our terror investigations. As it stands, there is so much disdain for, and fear of, the USA that Belgium is looking into the legality of Bush’s monitoring of SWIFT---a program which has, the administration claims, successfully resulted in the arrest of several terrorists. (One wonders how dumb terrorists must be to think that their finances aren’t being tracked.)
          Had Presa Bush and Vice-Canario Cheney not reared up on their hind legs and declared endless war. . .had Presa Bush not begun ignoring any and all laws passed by congress on the grounds that “we are at war”. . .had the government shown the slightest compassion for hundreds of thousands displaced in New Orleans instead of spending countless billions on permanent occupation of the Middle East. . .had, in other words, this government acted sanely, responsibly, instead of hysterically, paranoiacally, cantankerously. . .
          The press, including the NYT, would have been more inclined to cut it some slack in secret terror investigations.
          That’s the key word, “investigations.” To say this nation is “at war” degrades every G.I. who fought in World War II---a real war, with a real cause, and a real enemy. This “war on terror” is PR. There are criminal investigations to conduct, not unwarranted invasions of defenseless nations and slaughters of innocents.
          But Bush will continue playing to the dog in everyone---the  dog who maniacally barks at the morning paper.

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