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Oct. 8, 2003
        I'm not worried so much about Governor Schwarzenegger. It's President Schwarzenegger that is keeping me up nights.
        It's probably keeping him up, too.
        Tom Delay and Orrin Hatch, two of the more Machiavellian figures in Washington (and that's saying something), are pushing to change the law in order to let Schwarzenegger run for Prez.
        President Arnold? That would certainly be time to leave the country.
        My fellow Amereee-guns. . .
        Schwarznegger's acceptance speech was spooky in that it so lacked joy. His smile was frozen, his manner stiff, and he seemed only self-assured, self-satisfied, self-fulfilled. Not a trace of humility, exuberance.
        I couldn't help but think of his glazed-eyed dream of success, expressed in a book proposal some years ago: "The feeling like Kennedy had, you know, to speak to maybe 50,000 people at one time and having them cheer, or like Hitler in the Nuremberg stadium. And have all those people scream at you and just being in total agreement with whatever you say."

        Jay Leno, who makes a living with banal jokes aimed at banal people, was the ideal man to introduce the most banal joke in California political history.
        I don't think there is much light in Maria Shriver's attic.
        The voters just placed in power someone with no experience whatsoever in public office.
        You know, kind of like Bush.
        I hope Cruz Bustamente shows Arnold lots of "tough love."
       I enjoyed Bustamente's remark that he would take care of Arnold "up close and personal" if he found The Sperminator had groped one of his daughters.
        I liked Cruz's plan to tax booze and cigarettes.
        I'm not entirely against the car tax. I'd love to see all SUV owners have to pay through the nose for all the pollution and energy depletion they cause. Not to mention the arrogance and recklessness of the average SUV driver.
        P.J. Corkery shows you the money---the money that elected Schwarzenegger---HERE.

        76 years ago yesterday, the greatest comedy team in history was first paired up: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Yesterday, what could be the greatest comedy team since was paired up:  Schwarzenegger and Bustamente.
        Voters, here's another nice mess you've gotten us in to.
        I never heard or read one remotely intelligent statement from a voter as to why they supported Schwarzenegger. Everything was along the lines of "he seems honest" and "I know him from movies, and I like him."
        What else is new?
        These poor dopes deserve what they get.
        Dick "Smiley" Riordan babbled something on the tube about how Gray Davis's proposal to give illegal aliens drivers' license would "help terrorists."
        Good, Dick. Better report Gray to Ashcroft.
        Any terrorists in this country illegally would have no problem acquiring fake licenses and I.D.'s. Remember that the 9/11 gang was here legally, living normal lives in the open.
        So I guess we'll continue to have countless thousands of illegal aliens driving illegally.
        Davis was a dull and predictable in his "let's pull together" concession speech as he was in office.
        At this point, I'd take dull and predictable. I'd even take out of touch.
        Recall Schwarzenegger at

         It's a movie culture. Everyone goes to movies, talks about movies, confuses movies with reality, and thinks they are in a movie. No wonder they elected a movie star.
        I wonder how many people didn't bother to vote because of the "consolidation" of polling places, in which thousands of regular voting spots no longer existed.
        The recall was not an exercise in democracy. It was an exercise in demagoguery.
        A recall is supposed to come about because voters are angry, not because multi-millionare Republicans are angry.
        Remember: many of the 150,000 petition gatherers were "gypsies" from other states hired by multi-millionare Darrel Issa.
        They cared only about being paid. These were not angry voters taking their fate into their own hands.
        They would have gathered signatures outlawing baldness.
        This tactic should simply be illegal. A recall was intended to be the result of popular, spontaneous discontent---not an orchestrated overthrow by the monied elite.
        The monied elitists behind this "recall" are truly guilty of hating their country---at least the precepts of democracy on which the country is based. Their cynicism is spectacular.
        As if Davis was to blame for the dot-com bust, or the fake energy "crisis" created by Bush's cronies in Texas, or education deficiencies.
        California's decline in education took a long time to accomplish. Think Reagan-Jerry Brown-Deukmejian-Wilson.
        I hope when Mr. Collie-fawnia makes the state "friendly" to small businesses (gosh---he couldn't have meant mega-corporations, could he?), that he doesn't make it too unfriendly to employees supporting families on the minimum wage.
The Rip Post slogan never rang so true: "serving the entire state of incredulity."
        How to get elected to office in the USA: repeat idiotic slogans ad nauseum. "I'm a leader" (Bush) is a good one, as is "Let's bring Collie-fawnia back."
        How to get elected to office in the USA, part two: put a great big face on a great big bus.
        The way the power elite manipulates public response to further its interests is far more remarkable than that carried out by the man believed to have set the standard: Hitler.
        We are the Big Liars now.
        This recall was just a party. A chance for the average person to feel close to a celebrity.
        Just as a vote for Bush actually elected Dick Cheney and a cadre of arch-right "neo-cons,", a vote for Schwarzenegger just elected Pete Wilson and George Schulz.
        We're all groping, now.

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