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If I Could Be Just Anything
If I could be just anything
I'd like to be a cloud
So I could dampen your parade,
Rain away your crowd.

I'd mist your eyes, turn hazelnut
To rheumy, watered brown;
I'd wet your curling, tinted locks
Until they straggled down.

I'd cool your buoyant, airy smile
Remake it as a frown;
Your pursey lips, compress and clench,
And turn the corners down.

I'd drizzle on your dimpled chin,
I'd dark your haughty tone;
I'd black your sky, enwreathe your sigh,
And chill you to the bone.

You'd walk in my enswirling gloom,
Wrapped in wisps of gray.
You'd share the unillumined night
Of my every day.
---K. Rense


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.