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Gov't. in my cereal

government in my cereal
making the milk kind of eerie
something amiss in the snappy patter
odd vehicles doing sinister riffs
in roads that haven't been released yet.

what the trees tossed out
could have been houses even
no longer is it Weapons of Mass Delusion
could have been some lucid confusion sweet one
made my skin gnarly
tell that pious liar to find a hole in which he can fold

a truth teller once could have paid his rent here.
i go down the hall and the cobwebs grin with arrogance.
give the hit squad your undying love.
odd people in wounded boats
swearing they will never leak.

did the heat go off?
oh, it's just someone's heart
coldly staying its course quietly by

---Scott Wannberg


2002-2004 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.