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Empathy Hoedown
George Bush swears he is a poor black man at times and
can relate to Katrina like no one else can.
I'd like to buy some Katrina dolls, he tells Cheney.
You mean Kachina dolls, Cheney responds.
No, George is adamant.Katrina dolls.Every little girl should
have one at least.
As Fema's head rolls, as the cronies claim they are lonely,
George grins into the camera and begins to sing
If I only had a brain, from the Wizard of Oz.
Will it take a wizard to address the Gulf Coast and all
the pain and death and terror from Katrina.
Or will just plain George, will he become Empathy Hoedown
because yes, he says, I can be a poor black man just
as well as anybody.Just watch me dance.
He begins to weave in and out and the cameras track
his every step.
Worthy of Balanchine,says Bill O'Really aka O'Reilly
from his throne at Fox News.
Martha Graham would be speechless, says another
Global Warming is the new terrorist we have to take down,
George says.We'll have to send a man undercover to
do just that.
What man will George send to destroy Global Warming?
Will it be Rambo aka Ramble.Will it be Oliver North by
Northwest.Maybe that Teutonic incendiary,Ann Coulter,
maybe she can take on Global Warming single handed.
Or maybe Yawn Manatee, that other Fox News guru.
He seems beefy enough to take on Global Warming.
George Bush is the environmental president,yep indeed.
Watch him shuffle to and fro.
My heart is as big as Texas, he says,
and his heart begins making little electronic noises.
Mr.President? asks a trained seal reporter,
why is your heart making all those noises?
Empathy Hoedown,son,says the man in response.
My heart belongs to everyone in the Gulf Coast tonight.
My heart is a large cattle drive.
If so, watch out for the stampede, just about now.
Duck and cover.Run if you can.Empathy Hoedown
indeed.It will find you in your best hiding place and
will begin to absorb you and eat you alive.
---Scott Wannberg 9/10/05


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.