The Rip Post                                                                                              

For Bob the Cat, my friend
your heart belonged outdoors.
being free to come and go when and as you pleased
was very important.
i would listen for your meow on the patio on Mitchell when
you wanted me to let you in.
sometimes, going through too many e mails,i would hear that meow
of yours and say Hang on a minute,Bob,lemme finish this e mail
but i would always come and let you in.

when Ernie was dying you became a companion for him.
The day the ambulance took him for the last time you knew
when I said this is your last chance to hang with him
you jumped onto his chair and never moved until they did come

i would talk to you as if you understood what i said
perhaps you did,maybe not all of it,but some of it

for months i was agonizing over moving
how it would change our routine

even as of last week or so i was conflicted about
whether or not to bring you here

but here is indoors,and your essence was outside
in the sun and heat and landscape

you were a good friend to me,Bobster
and i thank you for allowing me to share your

you are now with Rip and annie's cat,B.C.who
died a few days ago of a long suffering cancer

when you sit down next to B.C. and discuss the world
please know it will be a less better place without you

when we meet again for workshop this sunday in Lisa's
i will not hear your meow

it will hurt my ears that lack of a meow
but i know you are singing wherever you are

be good

                            ---Scott Wannberg


2002 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.