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Bert the Cat (for Terry)
Bert the cat was very still
He didn't see the sense of being loud or shrill
He was born a stoic, unperturbable
Never mad, undisturbable
Some wondered what manner of cat this was
Implacable, pensive, reserved, because
Most cats, you see, are prone to meow or hiss
Or lap from a saucer, take an occasional piss
Bert the cat was above all that, he lived in a beatific state
His design was grander, his was specific fate:
To remain stolid, stoic, steady, no matter the travail
To those around him, his calm prevailed
They say that feline minds are curious
Bert makes this notion utterly spurious
He's omniscient as can be, this kitty Svengali.
---Charles Bogle


2007 Rip Rense. All rights reserved.